Casino Bonuses

Read this page to find out about the different kinds of bonuses casinos are offering you to welcome you to their site!

Make the most of those bonuses!

Online casinos offer thousands of dollars in bonuses every day just to get people to come and play on their site. Casinos are always competing with one another to try and attract your business so the bonuses keep on rolling, which is great for you! As a savvy customer, you should use this to your advantage by shopping around to look for the best offers. You can capitalize off of these lucrative sign-on bonuses by trying out lots of different casinos and games to see which ones you like best without laying out much cash to start with.

In this website, we’ll be showing you some of the best, and most up to date, welcome and no-deposit bonuses out there today.

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There are two main types of bonuses offered by online slots companies. Slot bonuses are really simple to use and don’t require much commitment so it’s worth taking them up.

  1. Free spins – Most online slots companies offer new users a designated number of free spins to get them started. Online slots players tend to love this type of bonus as it’s so simple to use. Just use the free spins to enjoy yourself and get to know the game. You may even win something off of your free spins before you’ve deposited any money. To learn more about what free spin bonuses are out there and how to make the most of them, take a look at my free spins page over here.
  2. Welcome / sign-up bonus – Welcome bonuses are basically free-money that casinos give you so you can start using their site without putting any money down. Most people who enjoy online slots, love these bonuses because you can have fun and try out different games before you commit any cash. Casinos vary in the terms of the bonuses they offer but they usually explain this information clearly on the site. Typically, they will tell you the type of bonus, amount offered and any other terms (more about this below). The two main kinds are:
  • No deposit bonus – where you don’t have to put in any money at all to start with.
  • Matched bonus – where the casino matches whatever you put in up to a certain specified amount (e.g. if you put in $100 the casino puts in $100 as well). Some casinos offer match bonuses up to as much as 500% (so, if you deposit $100 you get $500 to play with).


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Which bonuses are good for you?

If you want low risk and commitment, its best to go for free spins and no deposit bonuses as these don’t require you to put in any money up front. Matched deposit bonuses are good if you don’t mind paying some money up front and want a chance to gain greater rewards.

Beware of those wagering / playthrough agreements

When you use the bonuses offered by casinos, the casino expects you to stick around a bit and play and not simply cash out on the money and move on, so its sensible to check out the terms and conditions (known as wagering or playthrough requirements) before you get started.

A wagering requirement specifies the number of times you must play though a bonus before you can withdraw any winnings. Most casinos set a minimum amount you have to play before you cash out. For example, if a casino awards a $20 Casino bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, you need to spend $200 on eligible games before you can withdraw any winnings gained on site.

When you shop around for good bonuses it’s worth comparing the wagering agreements too.  The lower the wagering requirement the better it is for the customer. Beware – some of the less reputable online casinos have wagering requirements up to 40 or 50 x.

Not all games apply equally to wagering agreements

You should read through the companies’ wagering agreements carefully as there are some complicated factors.  Sometimes, not all games count equally towards the playthrough requirements. A casino may specify for example, that roulette only counts 50% towards the requirements. The great news for slots fans is that slots nearly always count 100% towards playthrough requirements meaning that every slot game you play takes you closer to your target.

Store up your winnings

As you work towards meeting your wagering requirements, any winnings you make in the process are stored in a pending balance. Whilst you cannot withdraw any cash from your pending balance, you can spend those funds to work down the wager requirement and as soon as the requirement is met, any funds in store are yours for the taking.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the other commonly offered bonuses you should be acquainted with:

No deposit bonus

This “welcome” offer to potential new customers is like “free cash.” The player does not need to put in any money of their before starting to play the games.

Mobile bonuses

Free credits, free spins and deposit bonuses are also available for mobile online casino players. You just need to check out the terms and shop around as you would for a regular online casino. Most mobile casinos are easily accessible from IOS and Android devices.

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High Roller Bonus

High roller casino bonuses are offered to players who make big deposits – usually $1000 or more. High roller bonuses are designed to keep the most experienced players loyal to a certain casino.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are not usually as high as starter bonuses and vary from 50% to 100% on the amount of your deposit.  They are designed to encourage you to continue playing at a certain casino.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

When your referred friend signs up and deposits with a casino, you typically get a fixed amount refer-a-friend bonus.

Preferred Payment Bonus

Offered to players who use certain payment methods preferred by the casino. Typically, 1 to 15% cash bonuses. Preferred payment methods are usually online wallets like Moneybookers, Neteller and UKash but other preferred methods may be specified.

Loyalty Bonus

Offered to players who are loyal to a certain casino. The more you have played in one casino, the higher your VIP status and the higher the bonus rewards.


There are many types of bonuses out there for you to cash in on. Shop around to find the best ones for your needs and your wallet and use them to your advantage.